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Ludi Tries- Origami Paper Crane

There are a lot of things I want to learn, and origami has been one that I’ve always been curious about. After first discovering this in kindergarten, and gradually gained popularity among classmates in grade school, I’ve only enjoyed people’s creations from afar but never thought I could be any good.

Today, I challenged myself to make the most BASIC and SYMBOLIC origami creature: paper crane.

For reference, I used this video tutorial:

Alright! Let’s see how well I did.

First, I chose a light blue paper to match my nails.

Paper crane 1

The first third of the steps were easy to follow and pretty foolproof.

I didn’t get to the halfway mark when problems started to arise… DUH DUH DUHHHH.

According to the video (left image), there I should have been able to lift up from the bottom edge, but mine was closed and couldn’t lift anything (right image).

That’s okay, it was my first crane, shouldn’t expect perfectionism on the first try. I retraced back one step and fixed the issue. Paper crane 4

Next, I followed the video, and realized my crane started to look very crooked. No idea what happened here. Maybe it was due to my inexperience.

Paper crane 5

The following part was the most confusing section of the entire folding process.

Before a crane could take shape, there were two steps. I shall try my best to explain, so please bare with me.

Here is a picture of where the confusion began:

Paper crane 6

I didn’t hear the video said to take the “legs” (the bottom ends of this picture) and fold. I just assumed the instructor didn’t turn the paper around. However, my crane looked completely different than that of the instructor.

Paper crane 7

The above picture was where I began to doubt this was the correct shape and that I had made a mistake.

So I went back to the before the one above, rotated it 180 degrees and repeated the same steps. Even ripped the paper in the process. Oops..

Paper crane 8

The problem didn’t end. I realized I was right the first time, and I shouldn’t have rotated the paper. Do you see the two “legs” at the top of the picture? They were supposed to be at the bottom to serve as base for the tail and head!  NOOOO!

In the end, all mistakes were fixed, and a crane took shape.

What’s the lesson here? Don’t doubt yourself too early and be persistent until the end. The blood, sweat, and tears will pay off.

Paper crane final

Little crane may not be perfect, but still glad I did it. 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!

~ Ludi ~


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