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The Day I Met a Kpop Star

This was one of those moment when people won’t believe me unless I had photographic evidence. I wish there was a photo to commemorate that unbelievable moment, but I had to respect their privacy, and the sign that said “NO PHOTOS.”

Disclaimer: since it happened years ago, I couldn’t remember every single detail (like the food the cafe served, what the Kpop star’s exact words were, etc. However, I remember enough of the important parts.


In July of 2014, I took a short trip to South Korea with my cousins N and Y. Y was older and the typical Kpop fan, and N could care less about it. I enjoyed listening to Kpop songs, but not a real fan.

Being the Kpop fan, Y wanted to stop by some of the cafes and restaurants member of Super Junior owned. Y and I wanted to meet them at their restaurants, but didn’t really believe it’ll happen. On our second or third day in Korea, we stopped by a SuJu (Super Junior) cafe to try their famous tiramisu. 

Unsurprisingly, the employee were normal people and no sign of the owner. We ordered and ate. No tiramisu though because it was seasonal.

Y told me that the older lady behind the counter was the owner’s mother. I didn’t see her, so we walked down the stairs and threw our trash really slowly just so I could take a peek.

Well… I didn’t see a mom, but I saw a handsome man. A millisecond later, I grabbed Y’s arm and asked if that man was who I thought he was. She inched closer, and then we looked at each other like we just saw a unicorn/alien.

Side note: the door of this cafe was different from the rest, and while all that we were checking out the guy at the cashier, N was trying to figure out how to open the front door. Once she did, she turned to find Y and I staring straight at her. Startled, she asked what was wrong.

“Look over there! Do you see who I see?” I whispered.

“Um. I have absolutely no idea who that guy is,” N shrugged.


Y walked right in front of the food display and pointed at the chocolate chip cookie. She is quite fluent in English, but all she could mutter out was “Chocolate. Chocolate” while pointing at a chocolate cake and chocolate cookie. Yesung had no idea which one she wanted, so I explained she wanted cookies.

Other fans started gathering in front of the cashier, but none wanted to go up to order. Y wanted me to go up and order something just so she could stare at him a little longer. N had a stomache and she looked like she had to go to the bathroom again.

“Okay I’ll order, but you have to eat whatever I pick,” I said to Y.

“Sure sure, I don’t care. Just go.”

I went up to the cash register.

“Hi, can I please have the cream cheese pastry?”

“What?” Yesung asked.

“The cream cheese pastry,” I pointed at the display case.

“Ohh okay. That’ll be (insert price here).”

I was taking out my wallet when I heard a quiet voice in front of me.

“Where are you from?” Yesung asked.

“I’m sorry?”

“Where are you from?”

“Oh, America.”

“Ohhh. Me too. Me too.”

“Really?” I didn’t know much about Yesung, so I really thought he lived in US before. “What state?”

He looked confused. His mom, who was standing next to him, was laughing and said something to him in Korean.

I forgot what his response was, but we somehow talked about sports. He liked the NY Knicks, and I told him I liked watching the World Cup. After our little exchange, I paid for the food and we left.

There were SO many girls just staring at me. Y was flabbergasted that I talked to him, and joked that the Korean blogs and forums would have definitely reported this incident. Y also explained that Yesung apparently liked America and could tell if someone was American. We walked out of the cafe with our pastries and tried to process what could have been the most unbelievable event of my

Oh, we stopped by a fast food place owned by Donghae. Sadly, Donghae wasn’t there. 😕

Hope you enjoyed this story, and I’ll be back soon!



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