Whoa it’s June!

Hi everyone, I’ve been absent for a bit since the end of May. I want to write more personal posts on this blog, not just to rant or clear my own head (and maybe as a buffer too when there are no other ideas in my head), but to hopefully connect with others who are feeling, or have felt, the same way.

The reason for my absence is due of lack a of motivation. I’ve been hit some disappointing news lately, and it has snowballed into complete lack of motivation and belief that I could accomplish anything. The combination of a Type A and perfectionist mindset is NOT great at handling failures (or maybe I’m just a rarity?). I want to be proud of everything I post here, and a post gets shoved out the minute I find it boring, disappointing, or just flat out terrible.

So this post might not be fun to read. Thank you for reading it though! I just needed to break the silence and force myself to NOT take this blog so seriously lol. It’s just a hobby after all. 😝

Have you experienced a similar episode?

Thanks for reading!

~ Ludi ~


2 thoughts on “Whoa it’s June!

  1. Hi Ludi,
    I think we all feel unmotivated sometimes. I have scraped many pieces of writing because they weren’t perfect. I think the important thing is to give yourself a break and pick it up again soon, kind of like your url of “don’t think just go” : )

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