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Ludi Tries- Filipino Snacks, Pt.1


My boyfriend, we shall call him BAM, recently returned from his trip to the Philippines. Like the good boyfriend he is, he came back with SNACKS! 


(By the way, I do my grubby little hands into some already, like you can probably tell from the picture.) 

I’ve decided to split this into 2 parts mainly because it’ll be way too long, and I’m watching for my diet. 🤣 Attempting to watch at least… 

The first bag is called Chichashroom. BAM explained this was a vegan version of pork rinds that’s very popular in the Philippines. I don’t eat meat, so this is an amazing alternative. 

I never had actual pork rinds, so unfortunately I can’t directly compare the two. 

The chip is very light, almost like I’m holding a feather or a pringles chip. 

Mmmmmm it’s delicious. The texture is very airy, almost like it can melt in your mouth if you let it sit. It’s salty, and crunchy. While it’s not very strong, there is a lingering shiitake mushroom flavor that seems to stay as aftertaste. You will not like this if you hate shiitake mushrooms. However, if you love it like me, this is a great potato chip alternative that is slightly healthier. Or maybe not, because it’s fried. 

I may or may not have eaten half of the bag already….

The second snack is Choc Nut.

This is one of the bags that I dug into days ago. It’s chocolate, can you blame me? 

The candies come individually packaged within the outer bag. 

The texture is slightly crumbly. I thought it’s similar to Kit-Kat, but Choc Nut is a lot softer and breaks very easily.

Breaks the second I opened it.

It tastes very similar to Reese’s, but maybe sweeter. There is no peanut butter filling, but there are tiny bits of peanuts throughout the candy. It’s also very heavy, so you’ll definitely satisfy any sweet tooth. It’ll probably pair well with black coffee. 

The last one for this post is dried mangoes.


I’m sure most of you have tried dried mangoes before. For those who haven’t, it’s chewy, sweet, and mango-y. I used to buy dried mangoes from Fairway Market that did not contain any preservatives or added sugars. This one did contain preservatives and some added sugars, and I tasted both. It’s not bad, but I think the dried mangoes with no additives tastes better. 

That’s all I have for today! I’ll be back next week for Pt 2! 

Which one do you want to try? 


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