The Insanity Challenge- Intro

Hello all!  I'm back from my long hiatus with a new series- The Insanity Challenge.  I may or may not regret this later... or be extremely thankful for this! Only time will tell.  To jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, I decided to dive into the deep end of the pool and challenge myself. My boyfriend did… Continue reading The Insanity Challenge- Intro

Ludi Tries Stuff

Ludi Tries- Filipino Snacks, Pt.1

FOOOOOOOOD!!!  My boyfriend, we shall call him BAM, recently returned from his trip to the Philippines. Like the good boyfriend he is, he came back with SNACKS!  SO MANY SNACKS!  (By the way, I do my grubby little hands into some already, like you can probably tell from the picture.)  I've decided to split this… Continue reading Ludi Tries- Filipino Snacks, Pt.1