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Ludi Tries- Filipino Snacks, Pt.1

FOOOOOOOOD!!!  My boyfriend, we shall call him BAM, recently returned from his trip to the Philippines. Like the good boyfriend he is, he came back with SNACKS!  SO MANY SNACKS!  (By the way, I do my grubby little hands into some already, like you can probably tell from the picture.)  I've decided to split this… Continue reading Ludi Tries- Filipino Snacks, Pt.1

Ludi Tries Stuff

Ludi Tries- Origami Paper Crane

There are a lot of things I want to learn, and origami has been one that I've always been curious about. After first discovering this in kindergarten, and gradually gained popularity among classmates in grade school, I've only enjoyed people's creations from afar but never thought I could be any good. Today, I challenged myself… Continue reading Ludi Tries- Origami Paper Crane